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Kmspico activator 10.0.9

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Activate both the Windows as well as Microsoft Office with one Activator! Kmspico activator 10.0.9 is the best as well as the latest activator to activate all Microsoft windows and office versions. Through this activator, you can activate windows versions which came after windows XP. You don’t need to worry about having a license to make use of your products if in case you can’t afford to have one. Or else if you want to first try out and test products earlier to purchase it from Microsoft.


Steps for the activation process

ESSENTIAL: if you have an antivirus protection make sure to for the time being disable it and if you are using a windows 10 turn off Windows Defender for some minutes. (As antivirus software’s blocking the alteration of windows registry files, in that case, you won’t capable of activating windows or office.

Kmspico activator 10.0.9


Features of KMSPico activator 10.0.9

Genuine license – this activation is identical to the Microsoft license you getting by paying money. You can consume any kind of windows updates, online applications and, Microsoft lives account or any product releasing by Microsoft.

Lifetime activation – this is not a provisional activation like for 30 days, this activation is perpetual. You don’t have to repeat installation within a time period

Completely updated – this activator is regularly updating by team daz developers to preserve the genuine windows license deprived of getting detect.

Supports 32 Bit or 64 Bit – KMSPico supports both 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft windows and Microsoft Office.

100% Clean – this tool doesn’t possess any harmful viruses or threats.

Completely free – You don’t have to pay even a cent to activate your windows or Microsoft office


About KMSPico activator 10.0.9

This is the most recent activation software developed by team daz, and this is the most well-known and trusted windows activation tool all over the world.

First kmspico version was printed by a daz team in 2007 that can only activate windows 7 as well as vista.

By the release of windows 8 as well as 8.1 they developed kmspico 9 that can also activate Microsoft office. And this was the major tool that can activate two dissimilar products.

The newest version is kmspico activator 10.0.9 that can activate any windows or office version so far.

Kmspico activator 10.0.9


Team Daz

This is the moral hacking team who has developed lots of prevalent software hacks and cracks such as windows 7 loader, office 2003, office 2007, universal office activator etc. They have released greater than 100 free cracks and patches.


Installation Instructions

Temporarily inactivate your antivirus software. (SIGNIFICANT! Otherwise, KMSPico activator 10.0.9 will be not capable of altering Windows Registry entries that activate the Windows or Office)

Download KMSPico through the link given below.

Run KMSPico installer. (If you observe Windows Protected Your PC message, click more information and select Run Anyway option.)

Complete the installation and then wait for KMSPico activator 10.0.9 to run automatically.

Press the red button and then wait for the success message.

All Done! Now enjoy

Full Version