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360 Total Security 2016builds upon QIHU’s 360 Total Security Vital product. Not only can it transmit out essential security functions, but it does so with a clean user interface that has a current, yet simple and instinctive feel to it.

360 Total Security 2016 is a unified solution for your computer security and performance. With the “Full Check” property, you can inspect the overall condition of your computer within minutes, and enhance it to the best state with just one click.360 Total Security has a new, improved feature set including Real-time Protection to stop viruses as well as malware, even before they reach your PC. 360 Total Security can boost your PC against malware and other kinds of malicious attack. It has also been intended help your system be fully optimized and run more easily.

360 Total Security 2016


Key features include:

Browser protection.

Antivirus protection.

Online shopping protection.

Download protection.

Chat protection.

Data hijacking protection.

USB Drive protection.

Superior threat detection.

Layered protection.

Webcam protection.

Real-time threat detection.

Enhanced user interface.

Computer Speedup.

Junk Files Cleanup.

Wi-Fi Router Protection.


360 Total Security 2016also approaches with a considerable number of handy values in the Toolbox. Game Booster generates the best gaming experience for any PC users. 360 TurboVPN defends your online activities as well as unblock geo-restricted content; Connect 3.0 aids you fix your friends and family’s computer matters from your phone. The suite also has a “Cleanup” feature, which frees up your disk space by eliminating junk files and unwanted plugins to exploit system performance. The “Speedup” feature is capable to optimize your system services and boot up matters to start up your PC faster.

360 Total Security 2016

Not like traditional antivirus software, 360 Total Security does not sluggish your PC down with heavy virus definitions; in its place it has a relatively light footprint that needs much less RAM and disk usage than other security products on the market. This is mostly owing to the fact the application does not need to download a dense virus database and keep updating it.

Numerous antivirus programs take a rather long time during the original scanning, but 360 Total Security acquired just about a minute to complete the entire process from the Start tab. When we checked our system for viruses from the Virus Scan tab as well as selected full scan, the process took about half an hour.

360 Total Security comprises the ability to perform a full system check, which assimilates award winning antivirus engines to deliver you with state of the art virus detection as well as protection capabilities. These engines comprise 360 Cloud Scan Engine, Avira, 360 QVMII AI Engine, and Bit-defender.



As its name specifies, 360 Total Security 2016 is a free antivirus that delivers total security, from local protection of computers in contradiction of viruses to Internet protection during online transactions. One of the things we adored about the software was its simplicity of use. We could achieve one-click cleanup to create our computer function at its optimum level.

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